I have been exploring the new Bluetooth Technic smart hubs with the Control+ app and PoweredUp app. I would like to also use a physical remote.

I have the Technic smart hubs that come with the Liebherr 9800. I see this hub with different IDs on Bricklink (88012 and bb0961c01).

Will the train remote 88010 work with the Technic smart hubs 88012 aka bb0961c01?

I see this how-to-connect question, but that is to the train hub 88009.

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    Just to make things a little more clear - 88012 is number used to represent a Technic hub as a set (this is what you can buy directly from online LEGO store) and bb0961c01 is ID used to identify Technic Hub as a part (which is what comes inside a sealed set). So technically, bb0961c01 should be part of 88012 set. Not sure why this relationship hasn't been done for this particular case yet, since such approach has been used for other PU parts. – Alex Jun 6 at 18:59

Here's what the the product description of the remote says:

Use this wireless, handheld LEGO® Powered Up 88010 Remote Control device to control LEGO builds and robot toys that incorporate the 88006 Move Hub or 88009 Hub.

Features a handheld LEGO® remote control for toys that connect to LEGO Powered Up hubs via Bluetooth®. (emphasis mine)

It says that it can control the Boost Hub or the train hub, but it does not mention the technic hub. However the text in bold says that it can control pretty much any hub that uses Bluetooth (which includes the technic hub), so it is rather uncertain.

Also, this part of a review is where the user has trouble using the app to control his technic car (obviously with technic hub), so he uses this remote instead. He does not tell that he replaced the hub, and he just said he got the trick from some youtube-video-making-man. However it led to that guy's channel page instead of the specific video that informed him about it, so that doesn't help.

I conclude that the answer is yes.

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  • Thank you for those references! – Jeff Jun 6 at 15:44
  • @Jeff you are welcome! Do not forget to click the checkmark near my answer to mark it as accepted! – mindstormsboi Jun 6 at 15:48
  • Technic hub has 4 ports/output, while train hub just 2. Now I wonder how can remote controller (88010), which can only operate two ports. knows which outputs it should actually control on Technic hub. – Alex Jun 6 at 19:08
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    @mindstormsboi Technic hub wasn't released by the time those answers have been published. – Alex Jun 6 at 19:16
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    Finally found clear evidence! youtu.be/hLbr4si2Qfs – Jeff Jun 12 at 2:51

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