I have been trying to identify this 1x1 2/3 (?) brick (looked in Studio, Bricklink parts list, sets, ...) and cannot, for the life of me, identify it. I have been able to find a picture of it and know it exists at least in white and light gray. The closest I got was 49307

Lego mosaic wall

Can somebody help me out?

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I believe that you are seeing the wide end of a cheese slope like this:

Cheese slopes laid out together

Note that these are simply held in place by friction and not really "connected" in a traditional way.

  • Ah that explains why i could not find it, i have checked in software and the dimensions of the cheese slope (54200) indeed seem to be correct. I never noticed they were rounded enough around the edges (backside) to given enough "rounding" effect when reversed. Thanks a lot! Jun 17, 2020 at 18:46

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