Are there official or unofficial instructions to build the ship directly, skipping the island stage? I figured that maybe, just maybe some fans prepared them.

The reason is that while it is great for adults as it is, to play with children it would make sense to use chronological order — play with ship, and then crash it.

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  • I'm OK with this question staying unanswered, or with no as an answer if someone will be able to do reasonably wide search. I tried to look for it and didn't find, but I know I'm not the most experienced AFOL here ;) – Mołot Jun 18 at 12:55
  • That is fine, I will keep looking if I ever get time for it. It is quite clear to me that cutting out the island part of the instructions simply won't do it due to the design of the ship (it's basically an above-water shipwreck). I don't have the set, so if I don't find custom instructions I'm just gonna have to make them myself with Studio maybe. And my MOCs are generally not-so-good. – mindstormsboi Jun 18 at 12:59
  • The above the water part seems not to be a problem, judging from the photos. It is all the little details that make it look old and beaten up you need to add all the way through the building process. – Mołot Jun 18 at 13:04
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