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The orange wheels are very similar to the red buggy from the Neptune carrier.

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Most of this looks like it's part of the Mars Mission range - however, none of those sets contain the 2 flames, and the Minifig has both wrong colour torso (grey, instead of white), and the wrong type of helmet (he has Headgear Helmet Space instead of a Motorcyle Helment)

As for which Mars Mission set you have there, from curved Windscreen, the Technic bars that the wheels are attached, the device the Alien is strapped into, and the arm on the drill, I believe that this is ETX Alien Strike

Picture of set

You can see the Alien in the holding contraption at the back of the mini rover, the wheels beneath it, the drill-arm in the centre, and the cockpit & windshield at the front. It looks like you might actually have most of the rover in your photo!


The set you are looking to identify is part of Mars Mission theme from 2008. The reason for that - sets from this theme are the only ones to use the wheels you describe in Orange color. However, it is not clear which size you got as there are several: Small, Large and Giant. Most of these sets (but not all) include the other pieces you've mentioned.

This is the best I could get you without pictures. This is true if the set you got is not a mix of parts from more than one set or mixture of sets.

  • Thanks it was indeed the ETX Alien Strike as I also have the black space ship.
    – Lotte
    Jun 24, 2020 at 21:53

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