I'm trying to make my EV3 robot move in a square path, and an infinity path.

I've tried this code for a square path but it's not working.

Image of a triangular robot with omni wheels

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    Can you be more specific about which part is not working? – David Lechner Jul 2 at 16:37
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    Please send pictures of your robot and explain how it moves. Whether it uses legs or wheels or fans is necessary information for the question. – mindstormsboi Jul 3 at 0:31
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    @mindstormsboi Looks like omni wheels... – Uli Jul 4 at 23:39
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    Let's start with something simpler. Have you managed to get it to move in a Triangular pattern? (i.e. to prove that you can drive it correctly - I believe that the ratio of the motor speeds should be the Cosine of the angle between the wheel and the direction of travel, so an Equilateral Triangle will require ±1 for 1 wheel, and ±0.5 for the others, while a Square will require various combinations of ±1, ±√(3/4), ±0.5, and 0. Although, I guess you could also manage an Equilateral Triangle with ±√(3/4) for 2 wheels, and 0 for the other...) – Chronocidal Jul 6 at 11:41
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    "but it's not working." Please specify exactly how it is not working, i.e. what is it doing instead of the expected outcome. A video would probably be the best, but a graphical representation could also enable us to help you. – zovits Jul 6 at 15:04

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