I need the joints of my minifigures to be extremely loose. So loose that they cannot stand for a comedy sketch. I’ve tried almost everything at this point.

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    Could you list some of the options you have already tried? – Alex Jul 6 at 5:45
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    This appears to be a duplicate of How can I loosen my Minifigures arms and legs – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Jul 6 at 8:57
  • We shouldn't mark this a dupe and close that other question. For potential answers it is hard to tell which question is viable moving forward, at this stage. – chicks Jul 6 at 13:36
  • When a mummy minifig and a daddy needle file love each other very much.... – Moo Jul 7 at 1:41

This recommendation is a bit time consuming: fiddle about with it a lot and it wil loosen.

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