I am trying to build a setup that includes two propellers that can pitch up and down. I am debating whether I should use two motor to power each propeller and the other two to act as servos for each of the "motor-propeller" set up, or the power of the motor is strong enough that I can use one motor/move hub to drive both propellers and the other motor can be used as a servo. Could you tell me the specs of these thing so I can decide which one to buy or order? Thanks

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Philo is one of LEGO enthusiast and he did quite a number of tests with different motors produced by LEGO, which you can find here. Table below is based on data measured by Philo:

Motor Torque Rotation Speed Mechanical Speed Electrical Power
PUP M 4.08 N*cm 270 rpm 1.15 W 2.66 W
PUP Control+ L 8.81 N*cm 198 rpm 1.83 W 4.70 W
PUP Control+ XL 8.81 N*cm 198 rpm 1.83 W 4.16 W
PUP Move Hub 4.08 N*cm 264 rpm 1.13 W 3.37 W

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