I thought this is part of a Modular house but it isn't ... I don't know which set does this "tree" belong to.

enter image description here
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The stalk mold comes in two green versions 6097232: Stalk W. 1,5 Shaft And 3,2 Shaft and 6269940: Stalk W. 1,5 Shaft And 3,2 Shaft

Looking through photos of the sets containing these green parts, which contain some kind of tree build gives two sets:

It's not the Big Ben set as this set contain a small tree which is build using a 1x1 plate:

enter image description here

The Ferris Wheel has a similar tree as you have and it also contains the same white 6170419: Stick 6M W/Flange (white ring on your photo):

enter image description here

Only your tree is missing a second cone piece. So it is hard to tell if this tree is coming from the Ferris Wheel set or someone used that tree build to build their own. enter image description here

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