There is a round window in the Wolfholm build by Jonas Kramm. It's on the left side, top floor. Can anyone identify the round white piece and the smaller round black piece inside. (might be a pulley).

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    The insert is a Black Wedge Wheel (Pulley wheel).
    – Phil B.
    Aug 9, 2020 at 11:56

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The obvious part is Technic, Wedge Belt Wheel (Pulley) as Phil mentioned in the comments.

enter image description here

Other, not so obvious piece is Brick, Round 4 x 4 with Recessed Center, which comes in new Minions set. It only comes in Light Bluish Gray [BL] color at this moment.

enter image description here

Jonas has confirmed this over his IG post:

It's a Minion Eye.

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