Can anyone identify the floor tiles used in The Great Pyramid of Meereen. I looked at all the 2x2 decorated tiles on bricklink and couldn't find them.

floor tile photo

  • Even I am struggling to find these. The closest I can get is with part 3068bpb0893, which has the word grid in its name. Those other parts would be considered grids too if we look at what I found and what the MOC has, but if we type "tile 2x2 grid" into bricklink we do not see those other parts so I think they are custom parts. – mindstormsboi Sep 16 at 4:56
  • 4
    This is, most likely, custom print. There are plates on the right side with similarly colored print that overlap on two elements - one of the dashes is split between two elements. This is not something I saw TLG do. It also makes me think that elements have prints that are too close to the edge. – Alex Sep 16 at 13:45

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