I wonder, who designed EV3RSTORM? I have searched on Google but no results.

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Brickset identifies JØRN THOMSEN as the designer of the 31313 set:


Although I'm also inclined to believe that probably a group of people came up with the various initial robots.


I think that actually the five main robots were made by a group of people.

On this page, it tells who designed the fan robots, but it doesn't say so for the 5 main robots, which include EV3RSTORM.

To quote from this site:

Like the early robot turtles, these programmable Lego constructions were still tethered to a computer with wires. So Seymour Papert wondered if it would be possible to create a Lego brick that could serve as the computer – a fully programmable brick.

A working prototype was built by the Media Lab in 1987, but it wasn’t until a decade later that Lego trademarked Mindstorms – a nod to Papert’s 1980 book Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas – and brought the programmable brick to market.

It says it was made by a group called Media Lab. It doesn't mention any specific names though, so once again it's likely a group of people... who probably designed all of the EV3, including the brick itself and all 5 main models.

oh I forgot, Papert was one of the people in the media lab apparently


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