So I've seen a question that solves my problem in an older version, which I don't think is possible in the Education EV3 Classroom - 1.2.2, which is the one I'm using. I want to simultaneously run 2 motors at the same time, but in the post for the older version that I saw, It talked about White Technic Bars which I don't believe is in the version that I am using, so I was wondering how to do it. If there is a block that can do this or some sort of sequence of events that can do this, please let me know. Thanks!

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If the 2 motors are configured as a drive base, use the pink move blocks.

For an arbitrary number of motors or non-drive-base cases, you can use broadcast blocks to run things in parallel. Here is an example that shows how to run 4 motors for a specific number of rotations: screenshot of scratch program

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