I was looking through my collection and found a minifigure torso with the arms and hands molded together. Does anyone know what set a minifigure like this came from?

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    Adding a photo to your question would be helpful... Feb 1 at 17:16

Torso with the arms and hands molded together sounds to me like the ones released with NBA basketball (so they can throw the balls better?)

A list on Bricklink

enter image description here

  • It's subtle, but I think the word `both' threw me off - without it, this answer is clearly the best. Or perhaps "with hands and arms molded to each other" is clearer yet.
    – RSchulz
    Feb 3 at 4:48
  • Thanks, your answer is technically still correct, but I thought it might not be what the asker had in mind, since they mentioned the hands at all. Feb 4 at 9:13

Bricklink calls it Torso Legoland (part 17).

old one-piece torso

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