Is this brick from an old Space Explorer set? I cannot seem to find a number on it. Any help to link this brick to a particular LEGO set would be much appreciated.

enter image description here


No. It's older than that.

This element has been in 9 sets, in trans-dark blue (as pictured) it has been in 4: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=4228&colorID=14&in=A that bricklink says came out in 1981 and 1983

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    Technically it only appeared in 3 sets, the 4th listing is an “extra” for one of the first 3 sets. – Phil B. Feb 3 at 14:52
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    That is one big extra. – RSchulz Feb 3 at 17:16
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    @PhilB. To be fair it appears in all 4 sets. The last one doesn't use it to build main model however, but is required to build a "super model". This "super model" is using elements from two more sets: 6880 and 6929, according to Brickset. – Alex Feb 3 at 18:32
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    @Valky Glad that you found the answer helpful, could you please make this official by accepting it through clicking on the checkmark icon on the left side? – zovits Feb 4 at 9:36
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    @zovits have done now thanks. First time I have used a forum in this (quite sensible) format. Best wishes to all. – Valky Feb 4 at 21:06

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