Code on bag is 5 number 127S bricks are black, grey and a few orange Contains small flat white box 6049725 which contains blue magic sand

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    Hi Nata, can you please add a photo of the bag or its contents? Especially the "blue magic sand" would be of interest, as I can't think of anything clearly fitting that description. – zovits Mar 2 at 6:47
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    6049725 contains a blue rubber band. I think ‘sand’ is a typo by the OP. – Phil B. Mar 2 at 10:35
  • Nata, we need a picture. Also, the seal code 127S either misses the last digit, or has some digits transposed (e.g. 12S7). – Phil B. Mar 2 at 10:37

Based on the colors in the bag, the potential date code of 12S7 (you wrote 127S but I assume that is a transposition error in your post), and the fact that there is a box with blue rubber bands in it (box number 6049725) I am going out on a limb and suggest this is set 75102 Poe Dameron’s X-wing Fighter from 2015. The seal code points to a 2017 production date which is possible, as this set was still being sold all the way up to early 2018. It has 5 bags (so having a bag marked 5 fits) and the 5th bag does contain both rubber bands as well as black, grey and orange pieces.

enter image description here

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    The research you did is quite impressive. I think we might not even need to have a picture to confirm now. – Alex Mar 2 at 17:00
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    Thanks for your help everyone. Hope you are right. My box did in fact contain blue powder which are perished rubber bands. 🙄 Really appreciate your research. – Nata Mar 4 at 11:01

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