I recently purchased a new 52 Nightwing LEGO minifigure from Bricklink, to replace my damaged one, but I think it may be fake.

I compared the two, and I found a few differences, which I have not seen on a LEGO torso before:

  1. ridges / grooves around the neck
  2. a slimmer print on the neck
  3. and the edge of the torso is a little wider

BUT, there IS a LEGO stamp on the top of the neck. Can anyone confirm if they have seen this before or if the torso is fake?

Here are the images: The order is real, suspected fake, comparison between torso edges:

Real torso

Suspected fake

Torso edges comparison

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    I wouldn't worry about neck print difference. It isn't essential and simply used to mark the front. – Alex Apr 9 at 20:13

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