Thanks for all of the help yesterday. I am so thankful for this community since I am a novice. I took a look through the Sterilite tub of LEGO again today and pulled some more creations that I thought would be worth a try posting here. For what it is worth, I appear to have parts from the following sets: Lego City Ambulance Helicopter; T. Rex Transport; Republic Fighter Tank; Yodi's Jedi Starfighter; The Phantom; Hogwort's Whimping Willow; Minecraft The Waterfall Base; Jakku Quadjumper; Tie Striker; Jokerland; Piranha Attack; Hulk v. Red Hulk; Simpson's House; The Penguin Arctic Roller; Airport Cargo Plane; Nexo Knights 70320; The Batmobile; The Riddler Riddle Racer and City Ferry. I doubt I have any complete sets at this point though. Does anyone recognize parts of any sets listed above or otherwise here, and which set? Thanks so much!

  1. A Bag #2

  2. A Bag #3

  3. A Bag #3 with a torso

  4. Bed

  5. A creation that looks like a face in my imagination

  6. Potentially part of Minecraft set(s)

  7. Mini vehicles probably from separate sets

  8. A box-like structure in my imagination

  9. A vehicle part in my imagination

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first picture

based on

Is 21119: The Dungeon

Second picture Based on

is 75239: Hoth Generator Attack enter image description here

Third picture

Based on

is 75894: 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

enter image description here

Fourth Picture of the bed is from the Simpsons house

Fifth picture is 21140: The Chicken Coop

enter image description here

Sixth picture some minecraft set, probably hard to pinpoint which set

Seventh picture

76070: Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday and 76064: Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin enter image description here enter image description here

Last picture 75129: Wookiee Gunship Microfighter

enter image description here

Eighth picture no idea, looks like own creation of someone

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