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Could you help identifying these 3 minifigures?

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First one is loc111 "Sykor" from the Legends of Chima line, albeit with a different helmet (I'm guessing part 30171 "aviator cap" in black):

sykor aviator cap

Second one is col186 "Prospector" from series 12 collectible minifigures, albeit with a red scarf (part 30133) instead of beard, and different head (part 3626cpb0798 "Head Male White and Gray Bushy Eyebrows") and hair (part 62810 "Hair short tousled", I guess?).

prospector red scarf head hair

Third one is tlm046 "RoboSWAT with helmet", which appears in three sets in the Lego Movie line:

roboswat with helmet

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