What's inside the Powered Up L motor (part bb0959c01)?

Part photo

How do its internals compare to the XL motor and the M motor?


This motor was not easy to take apart. Unlike some of the others that have screws or clips that can be released, I wasn't able to get into this one without basically cutting it in half. If you need to repair one of these, it is possible to get it apart and put it back together, but I believe that glue would need to be involved to hold it securely together again.

Here's what it looks like once you get the front cover off:

cover off

This is very similar internally to the linear motor, but the internal gearbox is longer to accommodate the rotation sensor.

Here it is from the top:

cover off top

Here's a shot from the bottom showing the board:

board shot

We can see similar control circuitry to other PU motors with rotation sensors. Here's what the board looks like from the top with the gearbox removed:

gearbox removed

The visible chip interacts with the black ring in the gearbox to sense rotation.

The gearbox itself is a double planetary system similar to what is found in other motors:



Here's the final output with the black ring that interacts with the sensor:


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  • @Jacob It looks like a standard 130 to me, but I don't know enough about DC motors to know for sure that it isn't some other similar motor.
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    Sep 18 at 0:04

Here is a related video: What is inside a Powered Up Large motor

The video shows how the motor is being opened. There is no screw or opening to do this. So, I have to use knife and Philip screw driver. The result is - the shell of the motor was damaged.

The objective of this mission was to check what is wrong with the motor since it could not be detected by the Powered Up control/battery hub.

But then, I found out all the parts or components are in order - the soldering was OK, nothing unusual with the connectivity and components.

So, my guess is- the circuit or chip on the PCB is faulty. This is beyond capability of people without electronic knowledge (like me) to handle.

Thus, the overall objective of this video is to show what are inside the Large Powered Up motor.

Interesting to note that, there are 2 planetary gears and also a gyro sensor. This is why, this motor can provide data on its orientation.

The gyro sensor

This is the photo of the motor - manufactured by company called Hai Po

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