My son have been playing a lot with my old LEGO at his grandma's, and I would like to buy him some to play at home.

I have tried to figure this out on my own, but I am stuck :(

I have read inside the vehicle the part number, 2312, and found it on Brinklink. It looks like it is retired, but the same mould tool got me to part 11248 which looks current.

It is in a decent number of sets, and I tried to find a few on the Internet, but it looks like they are retired. (Besides the obvious animal train, released this year)

How can I figure out, in the set list which are sold, in France, today, without checking one by one?


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Life cycle of a set from standard/general LEGO themes is, usually, 2 years. There are exceptions of course, where availability could be shorter or longer, but usually it stays within that time period. Some toy shops could have these sets for an extended period of time, while supply lasts.

It isn't easy to find which sets are available for sale using Bricklink, since it has so many Duplo Car Bases. So it would be much easier to check which Duplo sets are available for sale at official LEGO online store.

Currently, following Duplo sets feature car bases:

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