I recently built LEGO Creator 5770: Lighthouse Island which features a clever trick to build the lighthouse's lantern, using stickers on on a Slope Brick 2x2 and Slope Top 1x2x2/3:

Stickers on slopes
Step 54 from Lighthouse Island Instruction Manual 1/3

It works reasonably well, but I'd like something better. Are there any official mirrored (or prismatic, but this seems even less likely) LEGO bricks?


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Bricklink search for chrome pieces

Gold 2x4

enter image description here

Duplo: Chrome 2X4



The Detective’s Office & Barber Shop (10246) includes the first mirror in a LEGO set. It was released 1st January 2015.

According to New Elementary, the piece is the same size as 1x4x6 windows, it comes in a bag with stickers to protect the sides from scratches and the part ID is 20193.

enter image description here

Alternatively, there are also highly polished bricks available in chrome and gold that reflect more light then others. These bricks tend to be rare and expensive.

There is a non-purist solution that works well using metalic paper or tin foil which can be found in craft stores and supermarkets respectively. The material is relatively cheap, flexible, can be as small or large as you like and provides a decent reflective surface. You can use double sided tape to stick the material onto slopes or you can hold them in place using bricks.

enter image description here


My little sister had a lot of LEGO Belville, which has some glossy silver bricks and parts: belville

see the bin and the decoration-bricks on top of the grids - but I never saw or owned "normal" bricks or plates of this color which could be used to build a mirror or something.


LEGO have produced prisms. Here's one type:



There is the 'Chrome Silver Dish 2 x 2 x 2/3 Light Reflector' available from BrickLink. enter image description here

This piece was available in many sets, one of which was the 3801 - Ultimate Accessory Set for MindStorms where it is used as a reflector around a 'White Electric, Light Brick 1 x 2 with Single Side Light' element.


There are also chrome bricks, such as the LEGO lightsaber hilt, that is hard to see your face on, but they are reflective.


One other mirror piece that hasn't been listed is the Mirror of Erised in 4721-1: Hogwarts Classrooms.

set image

It too is a sticker, on another piece, in this case a clear window.

sticker image

On the front, the sticker is reflective, with screen printing for the characters over it. On the back side however (the side with the adhesive), it is all reflective.

mirror back

It's not perfect, it has a bit of a texture, but it is pretty reflective.


I had some gold bars from a LEGO City police set.

They are ten 1x2 Metalic Gold tiles in this LEGO Agents set:

Agents set picture

I will also add that these bricks' reflections aren't diffuse - that is, they're as reflective as the back side of an iPhone, so they'd probably work pretty well as mirrors.

  • I have this set and the gold bars are the kind that are not very reflective.
    – Ambo100
    Nov 29, 2011 at 18:30
  • @Ambo100 Oh, really? Mine are reflective. At least, I hope they still are. Haven't seen 'em for two years. :( So are yours like the LEGO Indiana Jones golden idol's material, then? Dec 3, 2011 at 4:48

There is at least one Clikits set that contains an actual mirror: 7504 Friendship Frame / Mirror

The actual part is Clikits Mirror Insert 4 x 4, fits Frame clikits011 which is a bit large for use in the Creator Lighthouse but is an official LEGO mirror part.

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