There are two useful features in the EV3 MINDSTORMS (LabView-based) software, that do not appear to be in the EV3 Classroom (Scratch-based) software.

  1. We could create a project and write multiple programs under that project.
  2. Once we create a myblock for the project, all the programs within that project could use the myblock.

I can not figure how to do this in EV3 Classroom. Specifically, how do I share "myblock" across multiple programs? Any help is really appreciated. Thank you.

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These features are indeed missing in the EV3 Classroom software. And since EV3 is retired, it seems unlikely they will be added.

Ideas for alternate solutions:

  • Copy the entire program to a new file to copy My Blocks.
  • Put everything in a single file and create your own menu interface to run sub-programs.

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