My colleague and I are looking to give our smaller customers a custom built company logo out of LEGO, and our 3 largest customers a model of their entire building. Can you give us some pointers on where to start? Any tips?

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I am writing an answer as though the question were posted in English, though as originally posted it is in Dutch.

The intent when making a model is to capture the important features in a way that the model strongly reminds people of the original. Buildings have features such as overall shape, colored/tinted glass, and concrete or steel columns and beams that can be replicated in a model. Exact adherence to scale is less important, especially as you probably don't want to spend a fortune on these model buildings.

Further tips, in no particular order:

  • Studying some of Lego's Architecture series can give you some ideas.
  • Use photographs or Google Street View while building as a reference to important features.
  • If you have measurements of the building you can approximate a scale, say 1 stud = 10 feet.
  • 3d modeling software might help but is likely overkill for this purpose.
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    LEGO specific 3D modeling software might be the way moving forward here. It offers a wide range of elements and allows you to explore different options without having a need for all those specific bricks you don't have.
    – Alex
    Nov 4, 2021 at 14:26

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