How can I connect a 4mm or 6mm stepper motor D shaft to an old Technic gear?

I would like to mount an old 8-tooth gear to a 4-6 mm diameter stepper motor shaft.

Lego part: 3647:


Stepper motor:

Electric motor

Potential solution found on 3D Printing StackExchange.

Working solution: enter image description here

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I did find this pattern for a 3-D printer.



For 6 mm shaft the hole used to accept LEGO Technic axle is slightly less in diameter than 6 mm. So you may try modifying one end of of Technic connectors (some examples below) to fit the motor shaft and use usual Technic axle on the other end of connector.

6538c - Technic, Axle Connector 2L (Smooth with x Hole + Orientation)

enter image description here

6538b - Technic, Axle Connector 2L (Ridged with x Hole x Orientation)

enter image description here

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