I have a ZTE Grand View 4 Tablet (K87CA), 8 inch screen, Android 10, with 2GB RAM, and the screen is blank when I go to https://code.pybricks.com/. Nothing happens.

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    What browser are you using? It should be one that is bluetooth compatible like Chrome or Chromium...Also, I'd like to note that using the pybricks webpages from a tablet is rather unorthodox usage, likely not tested very well or at all. You're supposed to write Python code on those webpages, so a device with at least a keyboard seems desirable., Jun 15, 2022 at 9:57
  • Chrome is the automatic choice on Android, so I use it. Bluetooth keyboards are easy enough to use as these have Bluetooth 4.2 Should not be a problem. For Power Functions App 8" screens are great. Don't understand why the web page doesn't load.
    – Nub
    Jun 15, 2022 at 18:56

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There was a bug in Pybricks that caused an empty page to load for existing users when a new version was released. It should be fixed for new users, but existing users will need to clear the cache for this page:






You can clear the cache for specific pages with these steps:

  • Go to settings in your browser
  • Select Site settings
  • Select All sites
  • Use the search icon to search for Pybricks
  • For each entry, click Clear & reset

Android cache reset

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