Can anyone help identify this Friends set? Bag #2 has 2017 copyright with “511R8” on bag. Cash register and “I love HLC” stickers in set.

  • A photo would be ever so helpful if you could post one. I've taken a stab at it, but the set I found doesn't have a cash register. Almost all sticker sheets nowadays will have a long (like 8-digit) code on them, which will make identification super reliable.
    – RSchulz
    Jun 17 at 23:41
  • 3
    The numbers on the bag concern the bag itself, not the set it was in, so that is worthless. "HLC" in "I love HLC" probably means "HeartLake City", placing the set in the Friends-theme - they have a lot of pieces/stickers with that text, there are also several shops with cash registers there. To be more precise I second RSchulz's request for a photo. Jun 19 at 7:26

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Is it this piece? That is 87552pb049 and only shows up in 10763 Stephanie's Lakeside House 10763


This piece isn't a sticker, but shows up in multiple sets that have a cash register.

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