Set #40549 has a stud moving along a progress bar at the bottom of each pair of pages, as you move through the instructions. The stud moves left to right.

enter image description here

I've never seen this in any other instruction booklet.

  1. Why does this set have it?
  2. Are there other sets which have it?
  3. If it's a new feature for all sets, when was it added?
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    I have e-mailed LEGO support, to see if they can enlighten us. Jul 20 at 10:13

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I've had an answer from LEGO customer service. They only advised one other set which includes the progress bar, which is "Star Wars Hoth AT-ST (75322)". They did however mention "a select few", so there may well be more. I've asked if there's a complete list of released sets that have the progress bar.

It has been added in 2022.

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    It's also in the 2022 "The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter™" 75325 manual, with a Mandalorian minifigure instead of a stud.
    – Monty Wild
    Jul 26 at 4:01

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