I want to recreate a few things I saw but I don't know what pieces I need. Can you identify these bricks so I can buy them on Bricklink?

enter image description here

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Most of the bricks seen there are fairly common - plates, tiles, round bricks (2x2, 1x1 and cone 1x1).

Among the "uncommon" parts I can tell:

The SNOT in the scroll is particularly tricky - the correct alignment between a curved slope and the 2x2 round bricks cannot be achieved with the usual parts used for SNOT, as far as I can tell (bricks with stud on side, etc).

For that SNOT assembly, I'll suggest using 1x1 plate with bar handle on long stem together with 1x1 plate with horizontal clip plus a few plates, like so:

SNOT assembly

As for the stickers, they seem custom-made.


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