Can anyone tell me about this brick? There is no Lego logo on it. It looks well made and fits perfectly with real Lego bricks.

logo that looks like an elongated C and a square

  • I have an 8x8 plate I just got in a mix of Lego and knockoffs, without boxes or instructions. There's no markings anywhere else, except 4006B on the bottom. A lot of Google Image searching has not yielded any joy.
    – RSchulz
    Oct 9, 2022 at 18:56
  • Looks like the Betty Crocker logo to me.
    – shoover
    Oct 9, 2022 at 22:44
  • No idea but I think the logo looks like a person wearing a helmet, looking to the left Oct 15, 2022 at 8:41


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