No luck identifying what set these belong to. Can anyone help?

5 bags


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Based on a search for sets containing 12x6 wings in light gray and 4x4 round plates in black, this can be identified as part of UCS Death Star, either set 10188-1 from 2008 or set 75159-1 from 2016:

UCS Death Star

The inventory for the set fits most of the bags in your photograph - parts like the 8x8 black tile, or the 10x10 light gray radar dish, 8x8 grille plate, or the 3x1 technic beam can be seen in both.

The bag on the lower left, however, is from a different set. Based on the 2x2 corner plates in tan, 1x4 inverted curved slope in light grey and 1x6 plate in dark tan, a search points to two sets: either 75151-1 Clone Turbo Tank or 75292 The Razor Crest.

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