This is one of my childhood white whales and I cannot find the answer anywhere.

When I grew up in France, I remember a very short computer game which was actually an ad for LEGO spaceships. Given the fact that I was born in 1996, and it was on a relatively early computer, I think it is from around 1999 to 2003, approximately. I could be wrong though. Here are the things I remember:

  • The story starts, it's set in the snow. There is a small wooden house, a snowman, and probably Christmas-themed decoratons. It is a point and click game, I think, and a snowman gives you instructions.

  • You find something (what?) and the snowman says "You should not trust the appearances!" ("il ne faut pas se fier aux apparances !", sentence is stuck in my head since).

  • The plot evolves, I think a spider is involved? The game is very short, in my memory.

  • It ends with a spaceship race. You have to pick between three LEGO spaceships: a yellow one, a blue one and a red one. I think it is a minigame, you see the spaceship from behind and you have to dodge obstacles.

  • When you win, the game ends. A screen, white and snow-themed, prompts you to get the Lego spaceships IRL. The three of them are displayed simultaneously on the screen.

This is all I remember and it is KILLING me. It's been bothering me for literal years, I looked everywhere in my parents' basement to find the CD, but couldn't.


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I'm gonna go on a hunch and say this is either Lego Racers from 1999, or Lego Racers 2 from 2001.

Both of these fit some of your criteria:

  • The timeline (1999-2003)
  • There's an ice level
  • Last level is on an spaceship-themed alien planet
  • They're rather short: a playthrough can be completed in about an hour.

But they don't fit the "point-and-click" criteria, which leads me to think your brain is confusing memories of (one of) these games with memories of some other point-and-click game. It's hard to tell with the information you've provided.

Judging by gameplay videos of Lego Racers 2, the player drives a blue(-ish) car, the main opponent drives a red one, and cars flash yellow when using a power-up. This might have led you to think there's blue, red and yellow ships. The winner podium is red-yellow-blue as well.

In the second game, there's also an ice monster in the ice stage.

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