I'd like to control Lego Boost (Move)Hub and the mindstorms inventor hub with one app. I know that it is probably possible with python, but my son is not yet ready to programm in a fully fledged development environment.

Consequently, I'd like to provide him a scratch like environment where he can work with both hubs at the same time. E.g. creating a joystick with Boost that controls a mindstorms robot.

Could someone point me to the right direction.

  • I'm thinking this open source code here: github.com/NStrijbosch/hub2hub/tree/main/examples/MoveHub
    – LKBricks
    Jan 4 at 11:03
  • Thanks @Eric, you are right, there is a python integration (also see pybricks), but I am searching for something scratch-like for younger children.
    – edi
    Jan 4 at 11:29
  • 1
    Okie I don't have a Prime Hub and the hub myself but I have replied to Alex, zovits, Philo etc.
    – LKBricks
    Jan 4 at 12:21
  • delayed by all.
    – LKBricks
    Jan 6 at 0:08
  • erm...............................
    – LKBricks
    Jan 6 at 10:21


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