Gold piece next to minifig for size comparison.Interior of part.[][

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    There's plenty of space for a LEGO logo on that piece, so my guess is that the absence of such a logo is a major clue, so my guess would be that it isn't LEGO. Feb 13, 2023 at 10:51
  • Thanks, Henrik. I was thinking the same thing but the gold matches the king’s crown perfectly. Since it would be the only non-LEGO piece in a box of about 1,000 vintage parts (yes, I verified every part), I just can’t imagine how this one random non-LEGO booger got in there. I’ve tossed several pieces away that I thought weren’t LEGO only to realize they were just unique LEGO parts - Oops! Maybe I’ll hang on to this one a few days. Thanks again :)
    – Nylzor
    Feb 13, 2023 at 15:34

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I believe the part in question is actually from the Wave 1 "Iron Man: The Animated Series" figure: Hydro Armor with “Deep Sea Weapons”.

Iron Man Action Figure on Blister Package

(Image from https://www.action-figure-resource.com)

If you look at where the armor is "assembled", the piece in the thigh position (which will go on the forearm), seems to match the piece in question.

I actually have this figure, but can't get to it at the moment.

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