I'm building the lds temple in Salt Lake City in lego. I'd like to represent the temple doors as seen here:

actual door

My current plan is to use the stockade as the base door:

door part

...and probably put a plate over it then use 2x2 pearl gold plates for the background, then put some decorated 2x2 rounded tiles such as this one or this one. Can anyone suggest an approach to represent the gold filigrees in between or any other part of this?

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Judging by some photographs, the size of the doors is roughly the same as that of the window arches, and judging by one of your previous questions, those are 2 studs wide and about 4 bricks high.

Therefore, I suggest building the doors at that size: 2 studs wide. IMO the right size will help the build as a whole, even if you have to sacrifice detail. Something like the following should work:

door assembly


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