1×2 & 2×4 & Lego 1×2 in 6 colours I bought a batch of like Lego but small off eBay. I'd like to know what brand. The ×2's have tubes, but ×1's have no pillars. Colours like Lego, red, blue, light & dark bluish grey, B&W. Height little less than Lego plate, estimate 3•1mm instead of 3•2mm. Photo compared with Lego bricks, their 2×4's = the same size as a Lego 1×2 plate.

O! They are the same height as Nano Block, the white isn't quite as white.

Just bought some more the same. I believe it to be L'OZ. Basically I'm after what brand of Nano Blocks there are, came sans instructions. Other brands are Lele Brother & Wise Hawk.

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    Can you add a photo showing the shapes, dimensions, colours? Best would be to include known quantities like similar LEGO bricks in the image as well.
    – zovits
    Feb 27 at 10:16
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    Can you (a) provide less fuzzy photos and (b) label the photos so we know which is the mystery brick and which is LEGO/Duplo?
    – shoover
    Feb 28 at 20:20
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    @reviewers: it's the photo that needs more focus, not the question, so please don't close it.
    – zovits
    Mar 1 at 8:33


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