The Lego set includes one minifigure with a blue cap, a red shirt, and blue pants. It also includes a window piece, some yellow connections, a black digger piece with the same connection and wheels. The set is mostly yellow and seems to be based off of construction. I tried to find it on other sites, but couldn't find anything. The set appears to be from the 2010s, and seems to be made for younger kids, but not quite Duplo.

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    A photo of the more distinctive pieces may prove useful here. Mar 26 at 13:29

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Best match I can find fitting that description is set 4667 - Loadin’ Digger from 2004.

enter image description here

This set is from the 4 Juniors line, and features a non-traditional minifigure, larger than the iconic ones, from the Jack Stone line of figures.

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