Found this in my random parts bag.

enter image description here

No Lego logo's anywhere, also the shade of blue is slightly off the standard blue in the Lego colour palette. The bottoms do seem to fit quite snug on Lego studs... I do not recall how I obtained this. Can anyone identify this?

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This is part # 6923 : Scala Accessories - Complete Sprue - Perfume Bottles (Belville)

in Blue it appears in : Set # 3849: Orient Bazaar

enter image description here

Orient Bazaar

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    Seeing the other contents of that set, I recall how I obtained the parts. I ordered a number of the coins (gold coloured 2x2 round tiles) in this set through bricklink, the seller gifted me the part as an extra Apr 19, 2023 at 21:12

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