whats included526R6 - Lego bag with large 5 then box under with 526R6 under it...

Unsure what this bag makes, also need instructions.

526R6 - Lego bag with large 5 then box under with 526R6.

There are also 2 smaller bags inside but 1 has yellow, red, and grey pieces.

Also bag says 2015 The Lego group and also in another spot has what I believe to just be a generic bag number 135149.

Any help is extremely greatly appreciated!!!

I have included a picture this time as well. Thanks again!

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The minifigure seen in the photograph, which looks like a "black iron man", is quite unique - it's sh258 "Warmachine" and it appears only in one set: 76051-1 "Super Hero Airport Battle".

Set 76051

Note also the trans-darkblue canopy, and the trans-black tower windows.

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