I would like to find the set these Lego bricks belong to. Browns, whites, and two 8x8 blue plates.

enter image description here

  • The 2 Light Bluish Gray Plate 8 x 8 and 2 Reddish Brown Plate 2 x 12 have only ever appeared in two sets, none of which has the depicted magenta and transparent bricks. Are you sure the bag is factory sealed?
    – zovits
    Jun 5 at 9:55
  • 1
    @zovits After a bit more searching it appears those 8 x 8 plates are actually Bright Light Blue (see my answer below) Jun 5 at 22:55

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This appears to be set 41153 Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat.
The 8 x 8 plates appeared a bit more blue than Light Bluish Grey, so I searched for sets with White 1 x 10 Brick and Trans Dark Pink 1 x 2 Brick w/o Tube

41153 Ariel's Royal Celebration Boat

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