I have this minifig in a set I bought. But I cannot identify it.

Does anyone know which one this is?

enter image description here

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A few image searches can identify the components of the minifig.

Helmet is part x164, AKA "star wars rebel helmet" in plain light bley. It's Luke Skywalker's alternate headpiece in two millenium falcons (set 7965, set 75192).


As pointed out by fellow user Sander De Dycker, the head is part 3626cpb0817. It appears in more than 100 Star Wars sets, most of the time as part of an imperial stormtrooper.


Torso is part 973pb1944c01, AKA "Ultron Prime torso", which appears only in set 76031.


Legs are part 970c00pb0316 AKA "Ezra Bridger's legs" (a character from "Star Wars: Rebels"). It appears in three star wars sets.



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