I've went through all of the steps here:

How to disassemble the propulsion wheels of the LEGO/DUPLO train engine base part# 28743 drivetrain?

which was a great learning exercise but unfortunately it seems like the actual motor itself has kicked the bucket. I can hear it activating when I try to push start it and kick it off from Bluetooth. It even works for a half a second.

Any idea where you can get a spare or even people who have been able to go in and fix it?

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Bricklink is often the best place to find individual LEGO and Duplo parts. The 28743c01 "Duplo, Train Locomotive Base Push & Go Motor" is currently available 18 times from $17.04 to $53.99. This is perfect if you just want the one part and you don't want to deal with other new parts.

Bricklink also has new-in-the-box sets that include this part such as the 10874-1 Steam Train for $41.08. Getting some extra parts and having it all be new-in-the-box sounds like a better deal to me. This motor was in a total of 3 sets, so you may prefer one of the other two Duplo trains that have this part.

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