I recently came across this Hot Wheels vehicle:

Custom Small Block

It includes a pair of LEGO-compatible elements along with studs that can be used to customize the vehicle. Are there other Hot Wheels vehicles that are compatible with LEGO?

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I am aware of 5 Hot Wheels castings that provide LEGO-compatible connections currently:

Custom Small Block

Bricking Trails

Bricking Motor

Brickin' Delivery

Bricking Speed

These are all Mega collaborations created between 2021 and 2023. Kevin Cao was designer for all of these.

There have been other collaborations in the past that were LEGO compatible, such as Mega Bloks Hot Wheels 3-in-1, but these are more like building sets than traditional Hot Wheels cars. There is at least one element of interest in these sets, though. There is a 2x8 vehicle base that is compatible with Hot Wheels track that can be used as the base for custom vehicles:

2x8 base

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