I bought used set (75301) but the bricks seems not to belong to the set actually. Could you please help me to identify the right set?

I am very grateful for any help :-)

picture of the bricks

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Based on the 4x4 radar dish in dark blue from the top-left bag (and a bit of digging), the top two bags seem to be consistent with set 75283 Armored Assault Tank:

Set 75283

The 2x2 light grey tile with the insignia, however, should be a sticker instead of a printed tile (according to the parts list for the set):

2x2 tile with insignia

Based on parts Aircraft Fuselage Forward Bottom Curved 6 x 10 with 3 Holes and Technic, Axle Connector Block Round with 2 Pin Holes and 3 Axle Holes , the two bottom bags can be identified as part of set 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle:

set 75314

Note the fuselage part and the sheer amount of technic connectors in the bottom right bag. Also, note part 98834pb30 Vehicle, Spoiler with Bar Handle with Black Outline Bolts on Sand Blue Background Pattern (Sticker) in the bottom left bag:

part 98834pb30

Why you have stickered parts in seemingly sealed bags, and why is there a 2x2 tile with separatist insignia in the bottom left bag, I cannot tell.

  • Thank you very much for your efforts Ivan it was very helpful! Jan 7 at 20:23

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