My school received a bunch of built Lego donations. However this was in with it and we don’t have instructions or know the set!

6 bags has bag three with blue pink and purple mostly with pieces that remind me of a steering wheel for a ship! Has pieces with eye lashes

Every time I upload a photo it says too large

  • "Every time I upload a photo it says too large" Have you tried to resize your images? Today's cameras and smartphones take pictures of previously never seen resolution and thus file size - a 50% reduction in the resolution would probably result in a fitting, yet still recognizable image.
    – zovits
    Jan 8 at 8:58

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Based on the fact that most (if not all) lego "classic" sets group colours by bags, and my guess that "pieces that remind me of a steering wheel for a ship" might mean round plates with gear teeth, I can make an educated guess for set 11019.

Note that the instructions booklet for the set show that a blue-pink-purple assembly with gear plates and lashy eyes can be made from bag 3:

excerpt from instructions

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