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We found this LEGO set, but we don’t have instructions or set number. Is there any way to identify what is the set?


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The numbered bags I immediately recognise as part of the BOOST Creative ToolBox The unnumbered bag also seems to contain parts of the Boost set in addition to a couple of elements that got mixed in between I think.

I think the Boost set was a very interesting robotics set that unfortunately was underappreciated and hence phased out way too soon.

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This is 17101 "BOOST creative toolbox".

set picture

This is based on some parts in bag 8:

Bag 7 has to be the tank treads, bag 9 contains the plate for the basketball hoop, bag 10 contains the trans-orange half-sphere.

The set also has two big solid 54mm x 30mm wheels, which are visible in the unmarked, closed-with-a-pink-hair-tie bag at the top.This leads me to think that the entire set has been repackaged (which befuddles me, since the original bags are flimsy as heck once torn open)

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