The set 76402 "Dumbledores office" contains an underwhelming baby phoenix "Fawkes" figure which left me wondering if there are more beautiful phoenix minifigures available.

I found 71028-02 Dumbledore with Fawkes. Is this Fawkes exclusive in 71028 or does it appear in other sets as well?

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Looking at the parts list for set 76402, I believe you're referring to part 41835pb01 "Small Bird with Black Eyes and Bright Light Orange Beak Pattern":


At the time of this writing, that part appears in 24 sets in white, in 18 sets in blue (rather "dark azure"), and in 8 sets in red.

The collectible minifig you refer to is set solhp2-2. It contains part bb1155pb01 "Phoenix with Black Beak and Bright Light Orange Face and Chest Pattern (HP Fawkes)":


This appears in two sets: the aforementioned collectible minifig and set 76394 "Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix":

phoenix sculpture with mini-phoenix underneath


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