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I have 8 bags that simply have an "05 in a triangle with PP under it" and "2021 The Lego Group" on them. Looking to find what set they are from so we can download the instructions.

  • A lot of the smallest sets came in bags without boxes. I think the Lego pieces in those bags must come from one of the "classic" sets, that is, the sets mainly consisting of plain Lego bricks and having no instructions for a specific model. These are the creative sets which encourage building whatever you want, rather than a prescribed model.
    – Costillo
    Commented Apr 22 at 7:43

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The contents of the bags are consistent with set 11014 "bricks and wheels":

set image

In particular:

However, the two top bags do not match the contents of that set - I believe they belong to set 11013 "creative transparent bricks" instead, due to:

set image

Once you have the set number, it's easy to search for instructions in the Customer Service section of the LEGO website.


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