I can't find a similar Lego piece. It should be like in the photo, only solid and thicker, I remember I had several of these yellow ones, but I lost them.


part image from ebay

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I think you're looking for part 3149c01 "Hinge plate 2 x 4":

hinge plate assembly

It appeared in yellow in several sets during the 1970s.

Note that while this has solid plates (instead of plates with technic holes), it is as thick as the modern counterpart: 2 plates.

  • And to add: Very prone to braking so finding good ones second hand can be tricky. There is also a version with a 2x8 as the bottom plate and 2x4 for the top. Comes in the classic base colors: yellow, red, blue, grey, white and black. Yellow and red are most common, followed by grey. I have never seen a blue or black one but apparently they do exist.
    – Tonny
    Commented May 27 at 12:40

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