So, recently I tried to make my old Lego Mindstorms (RCX) work again with modern hardware to avoid digging up my old PCs each time I want to use it. The USB tower works on true hardware (On a PC with Windows XP 32-bit and the driver updated).

I can set up the IR tower in USB and in COM - since my modern PC doesn't have a COM port, I skipped this option and tried immediately with the USB tower.

I know that the USB tower doesn't work with 64-bit PCs, so I made a virtual machine of a Windows XP 32-bit on a host PC with Windows 11 64-bit. I've read that the USB tower needs a driver update to work with Windows XP so I installed it before plugging in the tower and there came the problem.

Each time I plug in the USB tower, the cursor of my virtual Windows XP freezes, the VM seems frozen but I still can press Windows and interact with the keyboard, so XP is somehow still alive (I have difficulty closing the VM too after that). After that I tried to plug the USB tower directly at the start of the VM (with a USB filter in the settings of the VM), here the VM started up, and I saw the Windows XP loading screen and a black screen appeared right after that.

I don't see if I do something bad, maybe on the host machine the tower requires something?

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