Does anyone have the manual for this LEGO typewriter clone by chance? I dropped my model and it broke into parts - now I don't know how to put it back together. Photo of the clone typewriter set

enter image description here

  • I found out that this isn't a knockoff set, this is just the original idea for the typewriter set submitted on Lego Ideas. If you go to the set's Ideas page ( ideas.lego.com/projects/075a31a1-7b54-4206-857c-7a9009405cc4 ), there's an Instructions tab but it just redirects you to the instructions for the official released set on Lego.com... Do you remember how you got the instructions? Did the author share a pdf of the original instructions at some point before the official set was released? Commented Jul 6 at 1:50
  • @ToomanyBees aw man, I think I got the kit from Temu or eBay of something. Tossed the manual and box after I finished putting it together.
    – Raksha
    Commented Jul 7 at 4:08
  • 1
    Definitely a knockoff set. Produced by Qizhile, reverse engineered from the pictures of the lego ideas set even before the official set went into production. As such there is very little chance there are digital instructions available. Commented Jul 8 at 6:19
  • @Raksha If you want to have instractions, the most you could do is ask the manufacturer (little chance they will even respond) or find other people who bought this exact set and managed to hold on to the building instructions, and hope someone of those will take the time to scan and upload theirs. However, if your goal is just to put the typewriter together again, you'd probably be done sooner by taking the still connected parts and treat them as a 3D puzzle.
    – zovits
    Commented Jul 8 at 11:23
  • @MichaelVerschaeve thank you, I'll try reaching out to them.
    – Raksha
    Commented Jul 9 at 14:54


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